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aarinsmiths dream

Good Luck Dudes.

They are the Bonnie and Clyde of the graffiti world, and now a Queens woman and her boyfriend have been arrested, suspected of causing more than $100,000 in damages at transit facilities around the city, Newsday has learned.

But the suspects problems aren't just local: the couple just got back from three months in Europe, where they dined, partied - and tagged their way through 10 or so countries, according to law enforcement sources.

"They had a mad bombing trip," one source said.

At least one of those countries – France – has expressed an interest in prosecuting the duo, the source said.

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And again but with the shiney shines :)

Gulab Jamon with you.



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E Pilz

Bigg tune from '03.


Highlights of the 1994 riot. there were a couple people there. some stuff happened. vancouver history my friends.

Fuck cops.

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HAPPY 08/08/08

put on yer lucky f'in' hat an join the rave.. .        !

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