Friday, February 27, 2009

Kyle James Brooklyn Banks in Timberlands (1997)

I just remembered about this.. Michael lent me Ian Reid's Video a few years back and this dude rips hard in Timberlands in it. ha ha


These Fucking Guys.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crissy Chris a.k.a Cris Sipper

L.V. - Takeover Dub

L.V. feat. Dandelion - CCTV

Noah D - Polizia (remix)

Matty G - Rockers

Matty G - One Step

Babylon System - Dancin' Shoes

Radikal Guru - Chase The Devil

crazy ass documentary on aliens.

dear chris

You have to hear the bass or else the song is pointless, so download the song.


i want this laugh

Dear Khan

can you recommend a dubstep song similar to this

Come to this.

53 seconds.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

fun stuff

i wish i did this all day.

instead i did this, same underwear too.

BlgRAV3MxTp2()()7-8 B^)

Now back in the 2008 when the internet was really really popular (and vowels weren't) I was dwnldng loads of all kinds of popular music from blogs. Here's a mix of my favourites that I made last year sometime. It gets a bit sloppy in the middle and the levels are off at points, but don't worry. All these guilty pleasure tunes are perfect for you to listen to while you're trying on jeans or driving to the club or like in a bad mood, like.
ya mate.

Miscommunication (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) - Timbaland
Pictures (Chris Lake Mix) - Sneaky Sound System
With Every Heartbeat (Pete Tong And Dave Spoon Rmx) - Robyn
In White Rooms - Booka Shade
Archangel (Boy 8-Bit's Simple Remix) - Burial
Fogbank (Jack Beats Remix) - Boy 8-Bit
We Don't Give A Damn - Sinden and The Count Of Monte Cristal
Gunshot Lean Forward (Andy George & JakZ RMX) - Detboi
Nightmare (Speaker Junk's Unleash The Beast Remix) - Ghost Frequencies
Over and Over (Switch Remix) - Hot Chip
Kick Out The Jams - Dave Nada
Move, Shake, Drop - DJ Laz ft. Pitbull & Flo Rida
Secret Rap Songs

the rap scene.

"So sorry for the the things i did when i was 12 years old"

Click if you want to here this child rap and sing about rapper stuff

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Musical Adventures pt.3

I always knew Fela Kuti as the person who invented Afro-beat and one most influential musician all of time.

Here is documentary on him you can watch on youtube split up in to several parts.(part 4 or 5 is missing but you can find it on google video)

It talk about how his political music was so strong the the Nigerian government saw it as a direct threat and sent to military to kill his grandmother, rape his 27 wives, destroy all his recording, and jail him.

He also started his own religion, which many considered him a prophet.

Music from Brazil is dope too.

Jorge Ben, "Take It Easy My Brother Charlie"

Friday, February 20, 2009

atlantis found..

..on google earth?

article here: The Sun

or check it out for yourself on google earth.. (to the left of these coordinates)



Fuck Coachella.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

livin that life

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

There Was Once A Time.

Seeing them all together just gives you the warm fuzzies son. Couldn't leave Cam hanging, we cant do him that dirty on Wiz.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I hate my job.


Tomorrow night at the Lamplighter my friend Dan Watson is going to be premiering his new movie called "Skateboarding". Very straight forward skate special effects, fancy angles or smoke and mirrors; just straight up, good Saskatoon skateboarding. Watch out for my homeboy's Jason Gordon, and Cam Buchan as they probably have the best parts....but its good all throughout! and if you are bored, checkout Dan's blog at

Monday, February 16, 2009


/nice greenscreening


Black People Love GUCCI

wutif they lern truth y!.. good

Saturday, February 14, 2009

what don't you fuckin understand?!!


Cop Punch tee by aarinsmith. Purchase Here
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Tech N9ne

Roman Signer

Max The One.

damn wzrds all up on revoks website.
he is real good at the rap sprays.
check his shit.

i am not a dude.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Custer's Revenge

so i guess the point of this game would be to avoid the arrows, and make it to the other side so you can rape the native woman tied to the pole and get points? Nice, Atari.

swears are funny.

rs kmp n gngs

Jack Your Bloggy

Le Maison D'Jaques now has a Tumblr.
Click HERE.

Jack Your Body is a monthly (for now) house / disco / nu disco / techno dance party where the focus is on the quality of music being played.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

paris tabarnak

when being gay is awesome!

hellen and walt from calgary, trippiest couple i know hands down, really into the devils lettuce and other magic things. she is such a smash though, and makes cool art.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


talking with mac and scott about realations tonight.

Some bitches are stupid, I treat 'em like shit
That's how you get one to eat a dick
Never be sweet to a bitch, keep it sick
They like to get dissed, they like it rough
Women are so fucked up in the head, some like to get snuffed
And they come back for more
Cause "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"
That's why they like to suck penis
Don't ever let them tell you different
Women are just as horny as men
They're just programmed inhibition
That's why Catholic school girls are the biggest sluts
Down to take it in their butts
They're always lickin' somebody's nuts
And why not? That's why God made 'em
Adam was kind of lonely, so God took one of his ribs and created 'em
Cause before that, Adam was fucking animals
That's why women like to get fucked like animals
It's only natural
And don't get the wrong idea, don't think I hate bitches
I love women, that's why my masturbating's religious
I'm just stating facts that are down to take a smack
And they'll break their back bending over for you if your thing's intact
They say they're not into games
But those are the dames playing the most games
The type that'll suck on a dick for cocaine
They're acting like they're so tame
But before you met them, they fucked fifty cats, and can't remember no names
Tell them right off the bat, "I want you to suck on my sack"
And, most likely, they'll respect you and let you cum on their back

Yo, the more degrading I get, the more these ladies get wet
It's only busted bitches that can't take what I said
Well fuck busted bitches, they make my dick limp
They're useless to a sick pimp like me who needs his gratification instant
But one thing ugly bitches are good for
Is being good friends that'll lend you money when you're poor
So shout out to the homely, and my deep condolences to you bitch
Cause honey, for the rest of your life, you'll be lonely
And I know some of you are sayin' "Necro ain't all that"
But yo, men don't even have to look good as long as they rap
Motherfuckers that are fat will have you on their lap
As long as he convinces you he's an emotional cat
And if he's a cold person that got money
Most broke bitches will take the cock in their tummies
They're not dummies
Money turns bitches on
Once you're broke, the bitch is gone
Money'll have a bitch in a thong stripping to songs
It'll have a bitch in a porn getting shitted on
I want so much money I could get any girl to sit on my schlong
But I've been broke for centuries
And haven't had a problem yet getting a girl to bend to the knees

I guess that's how you know you got game
I could be broke and bummy and still get the same as a cat that's got fame
I know cats that trip, they're practically paying the bitch
And they can't even play with the clit
Cause she's saying some shit
Portraying like she's afraid of dick
Because you're too stupid to realize she was created to lick
She's playing you quick
She'll hold out on the pussy the longest possible time she can make you wait for it
Cause once she gives it up, you might diss the slut
And she's thinking like business, son, "let me milk everything out of this schmuck"
She don't give a fuck, 'cause most men are foul
And we're down to fuck any girl in their bowels, we get around
So we're looked at as bank accounts
Amounts, like a quarter-pound or an ounce, but bitch, my checks will bounce
Not sayin' all women are like this
But yo, I got no problem with it
I'll pay the price if she got the right tits
I see nothin' wrong with payin' for a tight clit
If I'ma pay for anything, I might as well pay to excite my dick
I've paid for worse things, you should pay for something that'll last
Like a French maid with a fat ass
If I had mad cash, I'd open up a whorehouse
Honestly, I had this bitch in my crib frontin' so I threw her out
She wasn't suckin' dick correct, the bitch was wrecked
She should've known that when she hit the deck
Not to stop suckin' until she whipped her neck
After all, I bought her a beer
And you'd think she'd be grateful enough and able to stuff a cock in her mouth
And make sure I'm taken care of before walkin' in here
But no, so I threw her out in the rain with no dough in the freezing cold

Skeez and do what you're told
Cause once a slut gets old, you'll be payin' me to suck my pole
Cause when a man gets old, he blossoms
But when a woman gets old, she starts rotting
There's not too many options
Just plenty doctors with operations and lotions
Liposuction and face lifts and Noxema for old skin
You can't escape demise by taking some weight off your thighs
It's a law of nature to die
You patronize Death when you old bitches use a facial cream that says it age defies
These companies are playing games of lies
That's why these 85-year old billionaires are taking wives that are 25
So what's my point?
You bitches better lick up
Before corrosion eats your lips up
And they aren't soft enough to dick suck

Saturday, February 7, 2009

girls know their balls

note tupac bgps

yo if everyone who reads this blog could give me a 5 or some shit i would like it, I dont work, i draw, my shits not even cool but fuck it vote for it based on homie type shit. i'd do the same for you. peep the other shit on this site, shits weak! (grandmas boy) staight up, im boozed, had some good corn bread tonight and got loose, so vote on that shit. thanks.
-the dick hag.


Some photos I've taken over the past year.

Self Portrait

Friday, February 6, 2009

dad on dad crime.

fuck i was all about this video two years ago, shit rules.

some old OG wzrds shit from oh six.

Dance with Me from Brian Stevenson on Vimeo.

i dont know if this is serious or not but fuck it sucks. note alot of sub par females aswell.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

if you haven't seen a shit load of kids in the hall you should get on it. they killed all youtube funnies in the 90's hands down, just side bar them on youtube for a few hours.

thank you satan.

out with the old/ in with the new

yeah dude it was

nice day today

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

dickheddudez mahn

another reason why my city is shit: this guy skates our park everyday.

"why is this happening to me?"

you lose.

overly epic fail?