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krista found this. her dad drives trucks.

Wicked Awesomes

Some friends from home put this together last month. Much love to Catlin Kuyzk.

Third Verse

Every Wednesday from 9:00 - 10:30pm (CST) I co-host a radio show (CFCR 90.5 FM in Saskatoon) called 'Third Verse' along with Chaps (Who has been doing the show since 1994) and Nolto. And yes LoganM, it is a hip hop show.

It streams live on the internet, if any of you are interested in checking it out, the link is here:
Then click: "Listen Live Now"

Tonight Epic ( will be in the studio talking with us, and we have new music by: Grouch & Eligh, Sole, Qwel & Maker, Serengeti and as always lots of Canadian music.

darb aarg arrr

thanks tyler.

its time to battle!

New artisik direkshun.


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dangerously cheezy.


A little late, sorry.

It's probably been sold already. Sorry for posting this so late everyone!

M.McL 2


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heh heh
man i have watched the lil wayne documentary easily 6 times already
its retarded

i havent watched it yet

its just
the best thing ever
its better than parent trap

alot of things are better than the parent trap

back that train up
do you mean that


Ruck If You Buck

You Guyz

Monday at The Modern:
Sole (Anticon)
Factor & Def3
Kay the Aquanaut
DJ Weezl

Some good friends of mine are touring with Sole, and playing this Monday in Vancouver, so they wanted me to post this. :)

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call of duty 2 modern warfare

i played this the other night, its too fucked, i hate games with alot of shit going on. i like games with all cheats on so i can never die and i can do whatever i want. this game sucks if you get shot with a bullet you die. if you get hit with a grenade you die, if the enemy stabs you, you die. thats like real life. i dont want to die in a video game, i just wanna play and blow shit up and kill people with out having to try really hard.

Aarin Smith, Future Edition

Taking Care OF Business.

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dick towel.

wurk sux.

If you have not seen "who is bozo texino?" or read mostly true, you need to get on it. shit rules way too much. i have a few prints of this moniker sheet for sale.

still have a few of the wzrds shirts around. $25.00 includes shipping. message me and ill hold onto one for you.




like a biscuit with all the right ingredients that ended up an awkward sad and sour tasting journy. dragging on for over 2 hours.. i think i saw a crumb of comedy fall
somewhere between the couch coushins.. but i i dont suggest you go looking..

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In The Studio With Holy Ghost!

This one is for Jordan

get on it

Just Watched This

Like a cross between Natural born killers and the wonder years, with more sex. Directed by gregg araki... the man behind Mysterious Skin. I watched this when i was younger and all i could remember from it was, "666", blood, rape, flashing lights neo nazi's, and being confused. Not much has changed and I still think u should watch it .

Watch kare-fully

Getting Up & Getting Old - Eternal Graffiti in the Eternal City from Simone Bertuccioli on Vimeo.

I miss Rome in the 90's so much I am puking and crying.

:) (: :) :) :) (: :) :)

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This Exists.

i was sleeping on watching hot rod, fuck its funny.

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I watch a blossuming bucket of stupids.
And also a fare swarm of smarts.
So i thought i might as well cry openly about them here.
Some recent ones:

I like to keep an open mind about these ones but they dont make it easy.

It was cute i guess, but overwhelmed by irritating.
I found myself thinking "People really think like this?, this is a true story right? Am I alive right now?"
It did make my tummy grumble though. after I quickly snacked a wildly buttered muffin in 2..
Amy Adams was like watching milk curdle. Meryl streep did her thang.
I've seen worse.

Awesome, If you like Jim Jarmusch movies (broken flowers, coffee n cigarettes, ghost dog). A consistant dreamy flow of characters and interactions that casts a hypnotic ease over its own melting contemporary creamsicle. set in spain, a pleasant watch.
Some good familiar faces.

Kind of like getting on an elevator packed with beautiful intelligent pregnant women and having your friend make a sexually inappropriate racist comment about all of there unborn babies, then having the elevator ride last 1.5 hours.. your friend = the writers and directors of this movie that you feel embarassed for that they created something so uncomfortably bad.

One i had missed until last week.
Not much needs to be said.
F'in great. (futura EF Extra Bold)


So, So good. Cant believe I missed this one too.
David Lynch just kills it here.
Nicholas cage's best performance i think.
Like sitting on a fluffy cloudcastle of on-point and watching it rainstorm its way south, leaving you warmhearted.


I had heard about this one on a number of occasions, always thinking: "yeah, yeah, I know all about the horrible un-thinkable shit we do to animals, Seeing this wont make a difference."

Never could i have imagined..
Saw my ego ouroboros straight of a cliff.
Dont even know what else to say.

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