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Article about sub genre's of the past decade. Sometimes on point, sometimes not, but really funny.

getting stoopid

oldie. goodie.

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Scott Parsnip.


rent or buy this one, so good. best of 2009 that i saw.

mah bank.

Scooter Poopson.

Monday, December 14, 2009

fucking awesome.

sounds like deuce vs a grandma. hahaha

eight years

spritz spritz

sexy fashion

mostly for the tune. not sure what's up with the video mash, but there are some pretty cool falls?


I Think A Witch Hunt Is Called For

I just got an email from a friend saying, "Julie and I's rival crew"

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wizards is now.

Skip the video to 3:50..


Robert Moog


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just re-posts.

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ya ok.