Saturday, January 19, 2008


Tagruato T.I.D.O. Slusho ParaFUN! Yoshida Medical Research US Government nuclear testing flipper babies cloverfield monsters.

cloverfield ruled. going to see it super hugnover was a terrible idea though. i actually had to leave the theater to vomit once. at least i had the decency to leave. mid movie some degen up front tried to vom into a water bottle and literally SPRAYYYED the poor folk in front of him.

stick around past the end credits to hear "It's still alive"

No idea still where this cloverfield business is going. but For sure JJ Abrams is on some other shit.

these are old news but check em out anyway. been updated as of today. the password is jllovesth locked down under this act

tagruato and tido wave are down as of today. just a splash screen. jamie and teddy got a new video.


A.Q. Khan said...
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A.Q. Khan said...

this rules alot.

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