Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tulku Lama Lobsang on Mindfulness


Colleen said...

Happiness is overrated.

Mindfulness is overrated.

If you want happiness, then you're wanting to receive happiness, and you're not happy with being miserable.

Wanting is good, as long as one knows what to want.

Buddhism is nice, but it can lead to a sort of emotionless calm, that could be called "happiness".

I prefer tumultuous splashing in the tides of intense and free ranging emotion to a disciplined perma-joy.

The fleeting elation, ecstacies and overwhelming flash floods of love simply aren't possible if one is in a constant state of contented mindfulness.

gentlewolf said...

i agree,

however being mindfull does not premote doing away with emotions . its important to always feel and experience the "earthly" emotions in full.. it is about being aware and able to experience the higher level (where everything is connected) and feel that unconditional luv for everything..

while still experiencing and embracing the whole range of "earthly" emotions in full, for otherwise there would be no reason to be in these earthly bodies..

for example in shamanic cultures there is an understood difference between expressing anger, and "sending" anger.

Colleen said...

Well said. You're right completely.

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