Sunday, November 8, 2009


I watch a blossuming bucket of stupids.
And also a fare swarm of smarts.
So i thought i might as well cry openly about them here.
Some recent ones:

I like to keep an open mind about these ones but they dont make it easy.

It was cute i guess, but overwhelmed by irritating.
I found myself thinking "People really think like this?, this is a true story right? Am I alive right now?"
It did make my tummy grumble though. after I quickly snacked a wildly buttered muffin in 2..
Amy Adams was like watching milk curdle. Meryl streep did her thang.
I've seen worse.

Awesome, If you like Jim Jarmusch movies (broken flowers, coffee n cigarettes, ghost dog). A consistant dreamy flow of characters and interactions that casts a hypnotic ease over its own melting contemporary creamsicle. set in spain, a pleasant watch.
Some good familiar faces.

Kind of like getting on an elevator packed with beautiful intelligent pregnant women and having your friend make a sexually inappropriate racist comment about all of there unborn babies, then having the elevator ride last 1.5 hours.. your friend = the writers and directors of this movie that you feel embarassed for that they created something so uncomfortably bad.

One i had missed until last week.
Not much needs to be said.
F'in great. (futura EF Extra Bold)


So, So good. Cant believe I missed this one too.
David Lynch just kills it here.
Nicholas cage's best performance i think.
Like sitting on a fluffy cloudcastle of on-point and watching it rainstorm its way south, leaving you warmhearted.


I had heard about this one on a number of occasions, always thinking: "yeah, yeah, I know all about the horrible un-thinkable shit we do to animals, Seeing this wont make a difference."

Never could i have imagined..
Saw my ego ouroboros straight of a cliff.
Dont even know what else to say.