Monday, October 6, 2008


Hey Logan,

I take it you were at Noctis last night. Sorry about what happened at Sheraton, where I do the night audit work, but it was my supervisor's decision to throw everyone out.

No hard feelings, I hope.

Anyways, take care, hopefully I'll run into you again another show, or CJSW live-drive event, or whatever.

Take care,

- Nat

I got kicked out of a metal party, by the most metal radio mother fucker ever, aarin knows of nat chaos, and his radio esk type shit. fuck it was trippy. we was wearing a belboy suit, a pony tail, and it just hurt me inside. we put pizza in our pockets before we left which made up for it I suppose. that night I also met a train hopper who told me just 3 days ago he had to put his dead friends body on a northbound out of Calgary. shit was heavy.

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