Sunday, March 22, 2009


police jerks

"VANCOUVER, BC - Violence erupted tonight (March 21) at Richards on Richards nightclub in downtown Vancouver, when controversial NYC rapper Necro, failed to make his headlining appearance at a local hip-hop event, sponsored by ABORT Magazine. Police showed up within minutes of the disturbance and used excessive force to control the crowd as shouts of “police brutality” rang out from the patrons gathered outside.

The crowd had waited for hours to see Necro on one of the last leg of his Canada-Wide tour, chanting his name as they grew restless. When an announcement was made that Necro would not be performing that night due to travel delays, concert-goers were promised a rescheduled show on Sunday, March 22.

Initially the announcement was met with a moderate response but moments later patrons began to throw glasses, bottles, tables and chairs at the stage where the DJ still stood. Richards on Richards staff were among the injured: one of the security staff received a deep gash on his head when hit with a glass bottle. When asked, the man held his bleeding head and replied, “I’m just trying to get to the hospital.”

The crowd was forcefully ushered outside where several Vancouver Police Department vehicles waited and more continued to arrive. In the wake of the recent VPD shooting of a Vancouver man in broad daylight, Friday afternoon (March 20) in Downtown Vancouver, the police created more controversy by slamming bodies into the concrete and using unnecessarily violent tactics as a large crowd looked on. Eventually people were dispersed as police gained control of the scene.

More details to follow."


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the sea hag said...

it was savage, worth the ticket price but was just too fucked up.