Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Obama Deception

"They put a black face on the new world order...and now we all happy? KRS ain't buyin it.."


gentlewolf said...

yaaaAA.. watched this last night.

basketball said...
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chadt said...

"it's the queen, it's the queen."
really?! can nobody tell that this entire video reeks audio and video manipulation? can we at least agree that most of these events never ACTUALLY took place?
are people buying this shit? this hot trash is no better than the propaganda created by the government it "opposes" and it's an insult to each and every one of our poor, overly assaulted brains.

fuck. sorry, but come on.

the sea hag said...

who gives a fuck, i am just over all this shit, im gonna do dmt with joe rogan all day when i get my tax refund.

ROLOTONY said...

you'll need to locate a sensory deprivation chamber if you wanna do your dmt voyage right.
"Smoking DMT is like being shot from a cannon into another dimension and returning to this world in less than ten minutes" - Daniel Pinchbeck

A.Q. Khan said...

apparently there is a gray alien urging you to not give into astonishment as well.

the sea hag said...

nah he just wants you to take him to your dealer.

A.Q. Khan said...

touche haggy, touche.

Mushroom Breath said...

I posted this from a neutral have to be either extremely informed, or extremely naive to take sides on conspiracy theories like this.

You must be more in the know than I can you direct me towards some information you have that supports your argument that this is indeed "hot trash" and propaganda? I wouldn't mind seeing that.

Its just that the whole "COME ON GUYS, THEY ARE LYING!!!" is hilariously in-effective.

chadt said...

mr. m. breath,

my point wasn't to point out that "THEY ARE LYING" as i'd be wrong in assuming that the majority of people reading this blog were stupid enough not to make the distinction themselves.

fabrication and manipulation of facts for the purpose of swaying opinion, i don't think, is any different than the goals of propaganda.

and correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think being bummed on conspiracy theorists crying wolf all the time is in need of an "informed opinion" to back it up.
i thus stand by calling it "hot trash" as it was clearly, in my opinion, altered in several different ways to suit the argument of the conspiracy theory it promoted.

my comment wasn't meant as an attack or to be conceived as expert opinion, but rather an observation of the irony of it all, and in short, an expression of my own distaste for conspiracy and propaganda alike.


chad t.

Mushroom Breath said...
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Mushroom Breath said...

I shouldn't have bothered arguing in the first place, i don't even like Alex Jones to begin with, and technically it is propaganda, so you are totally right.

Anyways i just found this floating around and i know some fools on here are into that stuff, so i posted it up.

I asked if you had informed opinions because i assumed you took his advice at the end of the video when he said "don't believe anything i've said, i encourage you to research everything in this video, and make up your own opinions" because i didn't. I was higher than Seahag on mary-jane when i watched this, so i didn't notice the manipulations, nor did i care to investigate 2 hours afterwards lol.

so apologies for the asshole undertones ChadT.

cheswick said...

no offense taken at all, i shouldn't have voiced the opinion in the first place as i was equally high when i posted my first comment.